Re-establish time of Herelink?


I wanna ask about the re-establish time of Herelink.

Which situation are you at?

  1. Restarting the air unit with controller remains turned on. Ignore booting time
  2. Restarting the controller with air unit remains turned on. Ignore booting time
  3. Time for air unit to boot on.
  4. Time for controller to boot on
  5. Time between autopilot turn on and Herelink datalink reconnect

Type no. 5.

In my experience it is almost immediate after the autopilot start working. But be reminded that it count from the “firmware boot up”, excluding the bootloader booting time.

Inflight re-establish time?

I mean if the link disconnects in flight (due to range or any other reason) then how much time it would take to restablish the link (if herelink comes within the range).

It depends on the connection. There are too many factors to be considered with.

Situation 01 is my case.

I need answer for the Case 01.

In our experience so far, if both the air and ground units are powered on and for some reason you go out of range and come back in, the reconnection is almost immediate (couple of seconds). If you go into complete boot cycle of the air side, it takes about 12-15 seconds to do complete connection. Highly advice to get one and try it. You wont be disappointed.