Reach drone network from usb teethering


If i connect to the herelink ground trough usb teethering i can ping and (this side of the bridge).
I can’t ping or any other ip that is present on the network attached to the air unit (ethernet adapter attached to air unit).
If i use 2 network adapters on air and ground and put all my devices on than i can see all network from every appliance.
What i wonder if there is a way to see air network from a teethered usb ground network.
Strange thing is that from usb teethering i can ping, but not

Any advice greatly appreciated.

you could try setting the default gateway to the gcs side of the ip range, so the other networks are actual routed. however this requires networking knowledge.

the reason you can ping some and not others is because the ip’s you are pinging are the same device.

Ok understand, great help as usual :slight_smile: