Repackaged Here2?

(Rich) #1

Received a Here2 GPS from GetFPV today and it appears to be a repack. I’m a little afraid to place it in to production. Thoughts? I don’t think Hex uses Scotch tape or packing tape on their products. They are usually encased in cellophane.


Please contact the reseller directly and ask them what’s going on.

(Rich) #3

Will do. Sorry for the bandwidth, it just didn’t seem normal, any other Hex/ProfiCNC item I have every received was professionally packaged.


Agreed, but before worrying, let’s hear from them…
It is not how we ship them out.

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(Eric) #6

Better to contact the reseller first to ask the reason. I knew they repack products and put their own label on new product, but, it doesnt seem like that. Hope to hear from you soon.