Required Hardware for RTK

I this kit all that is needed to run RTK on a Pix Cube?

One is the Base and hooks to say a GPS enabled laptop and transmits the corrections to the Copter/Rover?

What range would you expect?


Are you talking about the effective navigation correction range or transmission range between the base and rover?

The corrections range. I know what my Tx can do lol

I see more about it now and the range I was curious about will be determined by the 3DR telemetry radio. I was under the impression the base unit did the transmission and maybe it wouldn’t even reach across a field lol

The 3DR’s will be fine to work on setting up. I will invest in a more versatile telem radio for the Rover. Might even do Rover before Quad.

The RTK correction signal from Here+ base should be fine within 20km