RPi4, Cube Orange, Dronekit issues

New to this but having issues connecting to the drone with dronekit. Hoping someone can help me resolve this.

Configured the RPi4 with similar settings based on the Drone Dojo youtube vid and built dronekit from source (mentioned in might help with my issue but no change).

Current connections:
RFD900x-US ==> telem1
RPi4 == telem2 (using modified telem cable setup as shown in Alvin’s Cube, ROS,… guide)

When I try to run: python (basic takeoff and land program) --connect /dev/serial0

I get a repeating error message as shown below.

Not sure if it helps but I can connect and send commands using MAVProxy.

If dronekit is not usable, what other libraries could I look into?

The requirement is to control the drone autonomously to perform specific tasks (computer vision, obstacle avoidance, path planning, etc.).

Thanks for looking.


i think you have a module name error …need to check the specific module or library name for the task