RTK support for herelink

We are looking for to connect the RTK ground module to the Herelink for transmitting the RTCM data.Please provide the solution to connect the herelink and the ground module without extra hardware (addtional screen).

You may connect the rtk to mission planner in laptop, then connect the laptop to Herelink controller with wifi hotspot method.
In this way the rtk signals can be transferred within the herelink system

If we connect RTK to the Q ground control in lap top and herelink connected to lap top with wifi hotspot method will RTK signals transfer?

This should work, as long as the RTK correction data are being transferred to the autopilot.

Yes it works, I use it just run QGC on laptop, and connect laptop to herelink Wifi it connects automatically to RTK, wait for a few minutes you will see white rtk icon on laptop and 3D RTK GPS lock on Herelink