S500 autototune failure

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Hi team, s500 with cube purple GPS here 2212 racestar motors esc racestar pg30. Flying nicely stab alt hold decent in loiter and crashes in autototune. Could be sync issue esc motor? Thanks in advance.Uploading: inbound756394497566149501.zip…

How is the Cube Purple mounted as that’s not internally isolated. Iv not checked the log yet but that stood out when you say purple on a drone ?

Unable to download log. Did you post the same on Facebook?

Yes it’s the same

In flying vehicles, please use one of the other cubes. Cube purple is for boats and cars etc…

I was aware that purple is not for flying 1 imu no isolation etc. I am trying to undarstand how pids work. Cause I had similar behavior with cube black. I had set up the same frame with a blue (same as black USA).It flew nicely in loiter kept it’s position nice throttle everything good but with strong wind didn’t manage it. And when I tried autotune crashed. Thanks all for replying

Problems with wind, or crashing in Autotune are most likely a bad choice of prop/motor/ESC rather than something to do with the fligth controller.
Some combinations require careful considerations (PIDs, accels) and manual tuning.

This just popped up in the list of topics so I replied, not sure why since it is so old.
But anyway here goes…
I looked at the logs and the aircraft is underpowered, motors working hard just to hover (in the last log), battery settings all wrong so PID scaling won’t work.
There’s quite a bit that could have been done before running Autotune since there seemed to be some apparent issues.