SB_0000002 Critical service bulletin for Cubes Purchased between January 2019 to July 2019. DO NOT FLY

How many hours of running on the bench before we could consider it to be safe?

We are not in a position to answer that yet, sorry

When we will know the serial numbers of the Cubes affected, we can’t fly and hope that nothing happens.Thanks.

If you got it this year, there is a risk. That’s as good as we can get at the moment. We are working hard with our full supply chain to get proven product out the door ASAP

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Hi Philip, thanks for the huge effort.
What happens with the cubes that have definitely been manufactured this year but that do not show apparent flaws or the message of the bulletin02?
Are they safe? Can they be used or should they also remain on the ground?
It is clear that the new parameters must also be applied to them …
But … are they apt to fly?
Thank you!

Does that answer your question?


Well, I got the service warning today.

I started having problems connecting, BRD_TYPE errors, grayed out PID params, IMU Target temp was set to -1 and general erratic connection behavior. I had to install rover then back to copter just to be able to connect reliably before the service bulletin warning showed up. I described it here:

…sooo…that sucks.

A reseller is advertising the cubes they are selling were manufactured after this advisory. Are they 100% safe to use?

Read the first post.

The last state of affairs as per manufacture (who is the only authority on the subject) is that the investigation is not concluded yet. Flight ban has been lifted to “fly at your own risk, with precautions”.

If you read the first post and that last few ones by Philip. You will see that he promised to. Let us all know when we get an “all clear” on a Cube purchase.

“We are working hard with our full supply chain to get proven product out the door ASAP”.

I am sure you will get an update here as soon as there is any development. They have been very good with updates.

There are an incredible number of Cube (2019) out there flying every day. Less than 1% was affected even before the software was fixed since, to notify you about such failure. So the risk is really really minimal. However it is aviation…

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If a cube had been flying fine with no symptoms, but actually started to fail without showing symptoms - would we expect the service bulletin warning to show up at the next mission planner connect?

…or would it require a ‘factory reset’ of sorts by reinstalling any version of ardupilot before the service bulletin warning showed up?

I assume mission planner identifies affected boards via scanning the parameters (the little window says ‘via param scan’). Does it look at things like INS_ACC_ID and INS_GYR_ID? The problem is that those parameters are marked as ‘read only’. So if a board actually does start to fail and MP is checking those params, they wouldnt have changed due to their read only state and MP would have no chance of identifying failure until the user does a clean install or next release install.

I have a pixhawk cube, purchased 2017 using ardurover has been working fine until Sunday when I upgraded to latest mission planner upgraded firmware to 3.5.1. Now mission planner won’t recognise board.

I have checked and changed the parameters to reflect the service bulletin,

Any help greatly appreciated.



Open a new post in the cube section and post a shot of the Sensor values as per the built in to check.

@philip - are replacements through resellers after getting service bulletin warnings known to be be safe at this point? Or are we still crossing our fingers on low probability of failure with replacement units, too?

Is the latest instruction for service bulletin warning in mission planner to get it replaced through reseller?

Hi buddy some times i have seen post about this have you try to flash it plane or chopper an if it works go back to Rover ?

Hello there,
thanks for the great support on this topic!
I have done all the steps that @philip suggested and my pixhawk seems to work fine. No error messages and MP doesn’t flag the code.

Now I am wondering:
If I want to use it for arduplane do I as well need to change the recommended parameters to:
thanks for your help. I hope this is the right thread to post this question.

39yrs in RC aircraft but new to FPV.

Plan on getting the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube in a few weeks for a fixed wing build.

Has this issue been resolved? If I buy a new Pixhawk 2.1 cube in a few weeks and being new to all this, I’d rather not have do any work arounds to ensure I have a safe FC.

Thanks and kind regards,

Plane, copter and rover are all the same for these parameters

All new cubes are ok from distributors


Does that mean the hardware issue is resolved or that the ArduPilot fix is considered sufficiently safe, even with a malfunctioning sensor?