Send Here+ RTK to orange cube using raspberry

I have a here+ when i plug to my windows laptop with mission planner, open the com port i can read the rtk data using mission planner.

Problem is when I need to desseminate the data to multiple units of drones and rover.

Now I put it in a fixed location connected to a raspberry. The raspberry read the data from the here+ /dev/ttyACM0 at buadrate 115200 or 460800

It came out to be normal gps data. When I send these data to my mission planner in another location, its read as nmea but not as RTK?

Anyone understand what can I do to read RTK data from here+ using a raspberry so I can easily send it to my drones?

You will need to send the data in mavlink so that autopilot can understand the RTK information


To be honest there is a lack of complete information anywhere. But after much search, and testing I managed to done it.
In the first place the here+ need to be set with a fixed position. And also the data that export out needs to be RTCM3. Usually it comes with UBX+NMEA +RTCM3.
And buadrate needs to be 460800

hopes this helps anyone who wants to set up your own RTK base.