Setting up 2 Here GPS’s (Dual CAN GPS)


I am trying to set up a dual CAN GPS configuration using 2 Here GPS’s. The first GPS is labeled Here2 and the other GPS is labeled Here+. Can both of these gps versions be set up to run on CAN? And, will they blend together? I recently purchased a CAN cables for each GPS and upgraded the firmware on both and set the cable switch on each GPS to CAN.

Going into Mission Planner I set the following parameters:

With one GPS plugged into the CAN port 1 and The other plugged into CAN port 2 the status on the data screen is No GPS with only one GPS showing status. I did reboot the cube and did a write prams after Applying the changes to the Parameters.

What am I doing wrong?


if your here+ is here+v2, i heard it will support CAN mode with an upcoming update. But it does not support that now.

Also, ardupilot does not have proper support for dual CAN GPS at this moment i believe.

if its a v2, the beta update is now available to upgrade your gps for this

Thank you

I have 1 question
Should it be set like this? CAN_P1_Driver=1
Shouldnt both CAN_PX_Driver set to 1?

Yes set both to 1.

Thank. you. just wanted to be sure.