Solex Missing Feature?

I have been anxious to get back to my Herelinks since I heard Solex was finally implemented.

Unfortunately, while setting them up I noticed they were missing one, and personally important, feature of Solex. The ability to create custom buttons and sliders on the touch display. This was a feature that I was anticipating to use quite heavily to make up for the lack of buttons and sliders on the Herelink.

Did I overlook this feature, or was it simply scrapped for the Herelink? Will they be reimplemented in a future update?

Hi Todd,

You didn’t overlook the feature, it’s filtered out for the HereLink since the vast majority of it is for mapping buttons to commands that run on a Solo’s companion computer. The replacement for it on the HereLink is the mappable buttons. Check out the “Button Mappings” item on the main menu, where you can assign the various hardware buttons on the HereLink to functions within Solex, and on the vehicle.

I could also most likely re-enable this feature for the HereLink, just without the Solo specifics.

So just to be clear I can now assign/map auxiliary input ports from my Carrier Board to my Herelink in to Solex?


You can assign mavlink message to the buttons. By mavlink message, you can assign the ports on autopilot via ardupilot/Px4.

For anyone unfamiliar with this feature, it is something Kelly implemented in Solex years ago. It allowed you to quickly and easily create on screen buttons and sliders to control outputs on your autopilot via mavlink messages. You could program your specific min and max values then save it to a button or slider that automatically recentered to a user defined value after releasing it. Particularly useful for something like a gentWire-USB, when switching between photo and video, or zooming in and out. It was a nice feature to have when you were short extra physical buttons and toggles. You could name each button for easy on screen identification. It would be a great option to have on the Herelink.