[solved]Constant communicate lost errors during Get Params

As per title, constantly looses communication during downloading params, QGC hangs. SBUS remains active.

No camera plugged in.

AC 3.6.10
QGC reports version f25149835 2019-04-26 (No idea if this is 0.21 or 0.22??)

Have you updated it as per the instructions at docs.cubepilot.org ?

Nope, Im assuming Its on the latest firmware.

Then it most likely won’t be on latest.
They are Beta… you need to update it

Can we get clarification on version f25149835 2019-04-26 being the latest firmware, or if there is a better location to figure out what firmware is what?

The dates make it look like its 0.22

Very, very, aware its Beta.

Just checking

Just flashed latest firmware, can confirm f25149835 2019-04-26 is 0.22

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Check power sourse for air unit. I use 6v 3-6A UBEC hobbywing to power for air unit and servos, and whenever I move stick to test servos, the air unit turn off because it is not enougt voltage for air unit to working! Hope you resolve the issue!

Just saw this unit was set to SRRC - Chinese RF standards? Stuck it into FCC mode, will see if anything changes.

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Never power servos off the same rail as anything important, this has caused May aircraft crashes

Issue appears to be solved if “Stream GCS Position” is disabled.

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