[Solved] Motor 1 won't spin now

On my cube 2.1 black hexacopter motor 1 will not spin. If I plug it into output #2 it spins.
I tried updating the firmware and I still have the same problem. Could this be a parameter?
Everything seems to be working good except output 1.
I am using a motor esc combo with no bec and the original power supply.

Worth resetting parameters and trying again.

If that doesn’t work, please contact your reseller, and send it back, but please make sure they know that is associated with this post.


Try reseating the cube on the carrier then flashing again to plane then back to computer and reloading the prams.

thanks! I reset the parameters and it works again. I don’t know what happened It was flying a few days ago.

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Parameters can be pesky :slight_smile: