[solved]Very Slow Satellite Acquisition


This is a new build Daya 680, 6S, 380kv with 15x5.5 props, Cube Black, ArduPilot 3.6.8.

Here2 GPS is working, and it already showed me yesterday (maiden flight) 14 sats. However this morning (out in the field) it is very very slow to acquire sats. i.e. in more than 5 minutes on the ground it acquired only 4.
I disconnected power for 30 secs and when regained power, reported 9 sats and hanged there for 5 minutes more until dropped to 7.
Antenna is about 10cm from any other antenna, it is at the top of the drone.

Is there any configuration I am missing?


Can you post a pic of the setup ? also what else you have on the frame, any radios or anything ? also is the GPS on a stand ? A pic would tell a lot. sounds like interference tbh

Hi @MadRC,

This morning had the same issue, so as a last resort I unplugged and plugged the GPS, apparently, the plug was not inserted all the way into the GPS1 socket, my bad.
Issue resolved.

Thank you for your support.