Sticks UP-Side-Down after SW update

All, I updated to the latest stable release and cannot get things running
I found that the left and right sticks are up-side-down so I cannot arm Pixhawk

  • I did the stick calibration many times but Pixhawk keeps complaining.
  • In Mavlink I get the message Prearm throttle too high
    I can arm the Pixhawk if I move the Throttle top right and Pitch top left

is there any reason/any way to flip this?


Yes please see how to reverse them in the docs

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Thanx Ian,

I’ve seen the solution, can’t test it till tomorrow. But think your pointer solves the issue.

It does make me wonder, why did HereLink work yesterday, today not anymore after a SW update.
The research of the issue costed me hours… no clear indication.