Strange Behaivor like Limping


I was flying my hexa, and after 2 or 3 batteries, the drone start to “limp”, the drone was near to me, and I could see like the drone lean back-left, like the motor 6 fails for microseconds.

Here you can see the roll and Des Roll, where you can see the “leaning” , where the roll doesnt match with what the FC need

The next chart I can see how the FC ask to motor 6 all power and 5 lees power

May be you can see anything else? For me the motor 6 has some problem.

Can you pls give it a look?

here is the log.

The first minutues of the flight was everytginh nomarl .


What’s the ESC, motor, prop, LiPo and AUW ?

FlyColor 45Amp, TArot 5008 340kv (3KG max thrust each one), 18x55 prop, 6S 22Amp, 6.3KG, HexaCopter


anyone there?