Strange behaviour on AX2

Hi Guys,

I am on cube black (bought on January 2019 from 3DXR) running latest arduplane firmware, and not flagued as bad by MP.
This cube has never been flown to date. Just had time to put it in a new plane during this lock down situation.
During configuration I noticed 2 problems :

  1. Impossible to arm due to Prearm : Inconsistent accels
    After looking in the tuning window I noticed that AX2 was high and strange (continuously) -> I did let it warm up before calibrating
  2. Impossible to get rid of the bad or no terrain data (tried all the obvious, sdcard, internet, gps fix)

Here is the we transfer link to the log and bin files (the plane just sitting on the ground, as I said never flown):

Thank you fro your help
Best Regards