Strangest UAVCAN behaviour on GPS & Compass

I have a three pieces UAV build. Two are ready and the third is in the testing phase only to find a really strange behavior the last two days. Cube black,Herelink, Here2 on Can mode (i use only compass 3 external, HERE2 compass).
First outside boot was fine, compass was calibrated and stabilize flight was fine (all settings were copied from previous builds, all 4.0.3), alt hold was tested to feel the PID and that was fine also…until i decided to run a strict compass calibration. Calibration as successful but after reboot i was getting “waiting for GPS”, while i could see 15sats on my screen and the Here compass was gone from the HWID section, so i decided to switch a cable at first.
New cable, test version of Compass Calibration on relaxed within the office and everything seemed to work fine. I go for a test and do another relaxed calibration on large open space. All works super…until i decide once more to go strict and all the same as above once more.
During my tests i found THE strangest behavior. I connect and boot Cube via USB and compass is found, i boot via battery and connect with telemetry and Compass is not there. Again USB, again compass found.
I tested this sequence maybe 20times just to make sure it was not by accident.
If i boot via USB and then connect power, compass is found but its not calibrated.

Any ideas?

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Still working on solving the above.
Decided to upgrade to a beta Here2 firmare, but problem stays the same and in all versions on HWID i find the same problem on my external Compass. Its missing the device type

Any Ideas anyone?

Is the Here2 powered when the compass is not working? like is the LEDs turned on?
You may also try to toggle the mode selection switch and toggle back.

Hello Alvin,
Here2 was powered and leds working perfect.
another strange thing is that i was able to see lots of sats, have GPS lock on MP but get prearm: Need 3d fix.
I checked also the switch, even though it came CAN wired.
After hours of more testing, it simply stopped showing a compass completely and today i just packaged it to send back to my supplier for RMA.
Its one of those days that i got the shorter stick! First time ever with your products.

That’s weird. I’ve seen some of the Here2 having problem on the mode selection switch. Toggling the switch will solve the problem.
For your Here2 I would have guess there are some problem with the power selection in PSM.

@Alvin soon we will know since i already send it back and replaced with another.