Swapping cubes

Just wondering if the saved parameters from an original Cube Back can be imported for a Cube Orange. My old Cube Black has been relegated to boat duty. Used to be in a 17kg X8, I would hate to spark it up and have it go all crazy lol! I know there’s different sensors in the new Cube Orange.

No. You should not copy the full params from one autopilot to another. You can do a param compare and select only the parameters that can be copied without creating a problem in the new autopilot.

I would normally do just that. I was thinking of copying stuff like P, I and D rates along with filter and max acceleration parameters. I would recal the accels and compass. Should be fine? Didn’t really want to retune.

The reason for using param compare rather than loading param is that directly loading and override from file may create problems. For example,

  1. when the autopilot firmware update, some param may be renamed or re-arrange. You may lose control on some critical software components.
  2. you may end up trying to overwrite some read-only params
  3. you may override the auto detected params such as hardware ID
  4. etc.

Especially when you are switching to a different model of hardware.