Telem1 & Telem2 simultaneously on new CubeBlack

Can someone direct me to who knows more about the PixHawk CubeBlacks?? We have had no issues with Pixhawk2.1 cubes using Telem1 & Telem2 ports simultaneously but there appears to be a major problem on the Cube blacks when a RC Hand controller is attatched to Telem2 and companion computer on Telem1 port, Cube wont even boot and errors out, no logs on the SD Card like some online forms say. Funny thing is when unplug the RC2 from the telem2 to allow the pixhawk to boot then replug it in, everything works fine? Any direction on who to contact or the appropriate place to post would be much appreciated.

Pixhawk 2.1 are equipped with Black Cubes, it’s the same !
The manufacturer just changed the name.
Your issue maybe comes from a too big current draw at startup. Try to power your devices by an external power supply.

Hi Julien

Thanks for the response! If the Cubes are the same as you are saying, would we not see the issue with the Pixhawk 2.1 cubes then?? We have a mixed bag of 2.1 and the Cube Blacks and all our 2.1 hardware cubes work fine but only since switching to the CubeBlacks have we seen this problem? How can that be explained.

Does the 2 units have the same firmware version and exact same hardware and software on the companion, lidar, etc… ?
I had the same kind of issue with a Lidar, i was simply the firmware of the lidar that called too much current at start up. After an upgrade of the lidar firmware everything was ok

Yes the companion computer is running the exact same software. However I am trying to run Copter 3.5.7 configured for board px4-v3 on the CubeBlack since you cannot build for CubeBlack on that old of build, but if everything is the same hardware & software like you said and just a naming update then should be able to rule out that as the issue as we have confirmed working cases on the Pixhawk 2.1

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Could it just be wiring? Is it possible that you have pos and neg shorted?

It appears the bootloader needs to be downgraded to work on the later cubes after some further thread reading as we are trying to use older software. I am well aware we need to move to ChibiOs and a later version of Copter and this is for experimental purposes.

Does anyone know how to do such thing? I have read the following link but stil not sure with these new Cubes on what pins need to be shorted. Any info much appreciated.