The air unit version is not displayed.!

Hi, I’m trying to connect ‘herelink’
It’s so hard to set
There is the current status and some questions.

  1. Remote Unit
    1.1. fastboot → flasher_win.exe → update
    1.2. use 5g wifi → system update
    1.3. 5g wifi that I used is not shown
    1.3.1. for 5g wifi connection put it outside in 5min, region : JP (south korea)
    1.3.2. factory reset → can get 5g wifi but have to update → lost 5g wifi again
    1.3.3. reset network setting → doent’t work
    1.4. current version is FRU01220618

  2. Air Unit
    2.1. flasher_win.exe not connected
    2.2. after removing driver → then can connect usb then update
    2.3. version AAU01211129

  3. Paring
    3.1. paring status

    3.2. air unit local version is Not shown

3.3. D2D → connection then disconnection

*other things
Is there an exact step sequence?
I’m staying in South Korea
Region = I set JP after updating it was changed to EU automatically
power supply 11v for airunit

Need some help

what is the unit serial number?
where is this unit from?

Thank you for the reply, Michael.
I bought this product here: Herelink HD Video Transmission System-Discontinued-New version will be ready in July 2022 - World Drone Market
Remote Unit Serial Number : HX4060751900825
Air Unit Serial Number : HX4060741900798

Thank you for your consideration.
Have a great day!