The problem of moving from cube black to cube orange

Colleagues, good afternoon. Faced a problem after replacing a black cube with an orange cube. The drone has 2 GPS modules on the channel bus. The cube is installed on the CORE board. After installing the orange cube, we uploaded the firmware and Dump the black cube with the settings. Bottom line: There is no data from the GPS and compass, there is also no data from the current sensor. What is the difference between the orange cube and the black cube that the settings do not fit? Reloading the firmware did not help.

Power module setting is definitely different for cube orange. Set it up in the battery monitor tab on mission planner. I’d never dump the parameters like that. Check one by one. Follow the GPS/compass setup procedure.
Check HW ID on mission to check available hardware.
Set log_disarmed equal to 1 and share log if it still doesn’t work.

Go ahead and get back to all default Cube Orange parameters. Then use diff or the compare parameters button in Mission Planner to identify only the parameters that you want to put on the Cube Orange. There are several that are different between Black and Orange that are critical for proper operation of the firmware.

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