Throttle Setup

I calibrated everything on my Quadplane. But on my first takeoff I had a flip.
I posted a toppic with log here:

Few points I cant get my head arround, would appreciate some hints. Its probably all setup related:

Situation with my throttle is: I need to hold it down to the minumum while arming, otherwise the motors spin up (thinkng about it I should probably use throttle arming). But the real problem is it seems QHover/alt hold takes throttle at minimum as altitude hold level. If I just raise my throttle a little to 1200, the copter wants to climb aggressively even though I am well below mid-stick.

In the Herelink I calibrated my throttle full range and left mid-stick at medium range. (“Full down stick is zero throttle”)
Here my throttle related configs in MP


Just to be sure the Servo trims:

Would really appreciate a hint.

Did you ever figure this out?

Not yet, i double checked everything and built a test rig for the next try, to prevent damage in case it happens again. Test is still pending.

I still think the throttle behaviour is a bit strange for it to start climbing before mid-throttle is reaced.


Were you able to figure this out. I also use spring centered throttle with my VTOL. i still can’t set it up correctly. I saw somehwre we should use PILOT_THR_BHVR value. But I can’t seem to find it in VTOL code.