Total faliure with Herelink in flight


I have been flying the Herelink for over two years and have purchased several Herelinks. However, after streaming the video of a hawkeye firefly slpit 4k I already had 3 times a total failure of the Herelink in flight.
This occurs at will with failure of QGC, telemetry image or RC link. The aircraft could only be saved by completely turning off the system and fly back in the fail safe mode RTL.

I then built fans onto the air unit and kept the temperatures below 50°C. This could not fix the total failure of the Herelik.

The failure occurred in each case after approx. 45 min flight time. Outside Temp approx. 27°C

Now I am very unsettled and have forbidden the video stream via the Herelink.
The image was transmitted as HD. Can I be sure that the Herelink to 99.99% no longer fails if I set the resolution down?

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Hi Thomas,

we have had similar issues with previous firmware versions (but not that frequently). With the current firmware version the issue did not occur again.

Anyhow, I’m still thinking that this is probably/possibly an issue somehow caused by certain Mavlink messages. We can freeze the video transmission by sending such messages from our onboard computer.

Are you using an onboard computer?

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Hi Tobias,

thank you for the quick answer!

No, right now I’m only using the air unit connected to the cube orange and no additional computer.
I had that problem with a three year old hereling and then I switched to a brand new one with the new firmware. After that I also had the same problem that occurs after some time. Can it be that the processor of the ground unit is overloaded, gets to hot especially at higher outside temperatures?

Thank you

Hi Thomas,

a overheating issue has been reported several times before, but I did not see a confirmation up to now.

What I have seen regularly myself is that QGC gets un reliable after some time and needs to be restarted.

You could probably do a bench test without the Cube and only stream video (do not forget to cool the air unit!)?

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