Transmission range

What transmission range is others realistically getting with the herelink?

We have 6 beta units that we have specced on a initial small beta batch of our drones and are receiving difference range on all units. The best getting 7.5km (perfect conditions over the sea), others only 1km before disconnecting. All on the same drone setup and either at the same location or in a similar location/situation.

A typical flight would be at 20m altitude over flat terrain (vineyard or crops) there are some sheds etc around but nothing that should cause that much interference.

What UL/DL settings would be recommended to have a clear connection in that situation for up to 2km range from the drone to the herelink?

Is there a certain power voltage that ensures better range also? I initially started with 5V but have changed to 12V.

Apart from this, have been extremely impressed with the herelink units, they work awesomely for our situation. The only other comment would be on the production units will the herelink to be able to connect to WiFi networks other than 5G for downloading offline maps?

Hi Charlie618,

Thanks for sharing this. We are running through similar test at the moment.

I was told the ‘beta’ units are final in terms of hardware and only the firmware will differ.

I also the airmodules at 12V but never tried running lower voltages.

I think the most likely reason in range variation is caused by a combination of external factors and/or slight differences in antenna orientation and onboard EMI/RFI between aircraft. It would be interesting to see how you have located the antennas.

One other thought is that 20mtr height may be a bit low when the copter is at a distance. Perhaps worth trying at a higher altitude.

It’s a shame there is no HDMI output for easy attaching of an ultra bright external display. I understand the next firmware will allow the video feed to be transmitted via wifi from the ground module to other displays.

Have you configured your payload controls through Herelink as well?

Other than that I agree with you and think Herelink looks promising and may be a good option once the firmware matures a bit.

Many thanks for your response. What range results have you achieved?

The antennas are located under the bottom CF plate on the drone, either side of the battery.

Unfortunately that height is necessary for the tasks.

Yes, we are looking at using the a-d buttons for different payload triggers, I currently use them for flight modes etc at the moment.
Need some spare time to explore further. Tried quickly setting one for controlling a relay, but didn’t have any luck. May have been a hardware issue on the payload.

If I can get the range extended to more like 2km I will be very happy indeed.

You’re welcome.

I’m not sure where you are based but in the UK the legal maximum VLOS range is only 500mtrs so I’ve not flown out as far as you…

It may be worth changing the location/orientation of the antennas. Ideally you want the antennas as far away from anything for maximum reception.

Like you I use all Herelink buttons and sticks to control the copter so that makes the payload a problem until additional features become available.

Same here, a solid few km range would be good already.

I’ll let you know if we make some more progress.


Hello All, Please see range test by Mad RC for Herelink, and the results are very promising. I am impressed with the results. I have searched the whole web and there is nothing comes close to Herelink. I am very happy for paying the import fees and the extra cost to purchase it from 3DXR. Looking forward for the firmware update so I could finalize the 3 axis gimbal for the drone.

Range test video link

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