Turning on all 3 IMUs on a NuttX cube during a ground test

From what I understand from the conversation in the following topic so far (Vibration values with hard mounted cube at the limit),

  • all 3 IMUs can be turned on using EK2_IMU_MASK = 7.
  • NuttX does not support running all 3 IMUs in flight.

Please correct me if I have understood this wrongly.

Currently, I wish to log vibration data on my Cube IMUs, while operating with an ICE engine. My Cube is operating on NuttX.

If the vibration data is collected with the aircraft stationary on the ground, is it still safe for me to turn on all 3 IMUs? (i.e. aircraft will not be flying, so the Cube will not be “overloaded” with flying data). Or is the NuttX Cube unable to run all 3 IMUs even when not flying?

Appreciate the advice!

Nuttx already logs the three IMUs.

But if you want high speed logging for collecting this data, I would strongly suggest moving to Chibios anyway.

Is there a reason you cannot?


Thanks for the reply; we are currently on ArduPlane 3.8.4 NuttX, and have not updated our firmware for stability reasons. But we are definitely considering an update to ChiBiOS in the future.

Considering the fact that Chibios has proven itself to be far more stable than Nuttx… it’s def time to investigate

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I think you meant chibiOS

Lol… yep