UAV altitude landing in fixed-point mode

Hello, the problem is like this. My aircraft is very stable in manual mode now. When everything changes to fixed height and fixed point mode, there will be a problem of height reduction, which is very serious. There will be a 2-3m height drop. And every time I switch from manual mode to fixed height mode and fixed point mode, there will also be a height drop. The adjustment of PID has not been improved. QGC ground and firmware are used. Version PX4, 1.8.2.

The link for downloading the log as below:

Why PX4 instead of ArduPilot?

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he was using the AP before, however, his customer requested to use PX4. He told me that he did not have the problem with AP before. When he was using the PX4, he had the problem. Please help him to check the problem.

Unfortunately there is far less community support for PX4.

Your customer needs to be educated as to why PX4 is unnecessary