Ucgs compatibility

herelink is compatible with Ugcs installed on notebook connected via wifi to the controller?

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I’m also interested getting a info about it :slight_smile:
Is there any option or workaround using UGCS for Missionplanning?

I’ve uploaded yesterday a flight plan from UgCS to Pixhawk without any problem. In Mission Planner you can download a stored flight plan from the Pixhawk and that looks nice.
I have not found a way to download a stored flight plan yet

Hi Bart. Could you please let me know more about how you manage to use UgCS with Herelink?


Hi Riccardo,

In short, UgCS communicate with the Cube and Herelink as well. So if you store your UgCS flight plan in the cube, you can read/download it in Herelnk and vice versa. UgCS works very well with the Cube.


PS Riccardo,

You can connect UgCS to the cube a) via the USB cable or b) using the Herelink HotSpot option


Thanks Bart, good news. So you didn’t install the UgCS Android app into the Herelink GCS? You just connect via Herelink hotspot from laptop and monitor/follow and control the auto mission from the laptop?
Please let me know, Thanks.


There is no Android version of UgCS so you cannot run it on Herelink