Update Guide To Installing/Compiling

Is there an updated guide on how to install the necessary components to get this Custom QGroundControl built, compiled, and running? I am looking for something like this: Getting Started but with changes to the versions and a proper way of getting the environment set up, for I have been trying to build the latest version of https://github.com/CubePilot/qgroundcontrol-herelink for a few days now with no luck. Any help would be appreiciated.

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This is considered an advance function. May I know what difficulty are you now facing?

There are a few commits in the repo, merge them into your build to get it work with Herelink hardware.

I believe my environment is set up incorrectly, but I see any documentation on how to get those merges into my build.

Or better yet, can you point to the commits needed for this? I would like to use the latest version of QGroundControl on my Herelink Device

and also the commits in branch herelink-v3.5.5 and 4.0.8