Update QGC

Hello all, could somebody please advise me if (how) it is possible to update on newest version of QGC in Herelink Ground Unit? Current version is displaying some messages that it is out of date. But I dont want to do some error.
Thank you for your advise.

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The update is done as part of the system image. This was being looked a and an update is on the works I believe.

It’s worth noting you will always likely get this message as it’s part of QGC, Ardupilot is constantly changing prams and QGC is saying it’s noticing something is not quite the same as it was expecting. That’s not to say though it’s an issue and largely this message can be ignored.

Tbh imo it should be disabled in QGC period as it leads to confusion a lot of the time.

You are true, messages are confusing. But in the system image there was not QGC update. Also in new QGC is function FollowMe, which should be very useful.