Upgrading from pixhawk1 to cube black

I am using a pixhawk version 1 on a quad Copter and would like to update to a pixhawk 2.1 cube black and would like to know if gps/compass I have will work on the cube as well as other connectors like the 3dr tel. Radios , tf mini lidars , power modules and such. If anyone has made a similar upgrade like this what problems did you encounter and what things had to be upgraded

Thanks for any help

The Cube autopilot uses JST-GH connectors. Get all your accessories to have these connectors and you are good to go.

I google the just-GH connectors and they look different from the connectors on my pixhawwk 1,
So I should be able to just add them to my old accessories with the same wiring order and they will work, is there any tutorials or writing info on making this kind of upgrade

Yes. They are different from the ones on Pixhawk 1. If you buy Cube autopilot you’ll get most of the connectors needed. You can crimp required connectors or cut and solder. Refer the image below for wiring.

Thanks for the help,

Forgot to ask what do the red dots in the picture of the pixhawk represent,

It indicates +5V.

ok, thats what i thought , I have been reading about the new cube orange with ADS-B board , I was considering buying a Used cube black off ebay for 150.00 but based on the new one it will be a better deal for $100 more, will the cube orange with ADS meet the FAA requirements to fly anywhere ,

thanks tony