V / I control via Cube Orange

Hi guys…

after months of flying with voltage control only, today I did an “upgrade” with current control

My configuration is:
Cube Orange
Mauch PL4-14S
Sensor PL200
N. 2 batteries 16000mA in series
Solex app on Herelink


The discharge is not linearized; that is, the consumption in% of the battery (higher value) is not perfectly related to the actual battery voltage

Let me explain better … having the BATT_LOW_VOLT parameter at 43.2V and BATT_LOW_CRT at 42V, the percentage value indicates 0% when they are still more or less at 44.5V

Yet I correctly entered the values ​​of the divider in both V and A (measured with a professional multimeter)

How can I linearize the consumption in% so that for example it is at 0% at BATT_LOW_CTR ie 42 V? (so what do you tell me the first LowBatt warning at 43.2V? with a reasonable 10-15%?)

Another fact: testing the system on the bench with a variable voltage power supply and leaving it with engines running at 50% gas, varying the voltage from 50V to 42V, the voltage drops but the percentage is always 99%. Probably the system performs a check between the voltage and current ratio (which in the case of the bench test is always 2.5A while in real flight conditions it is around 30 / 40A)

Can anyone give me some info about how the V / I verification agorithm works?

Last thing: what the hell is the value 327.7 ° next to the% batteries ??

thank you all