Very dumb yaw


I was trying an Hexa I build, and I have notice sometimes the yaw doesnt respond, I have to move the stick to another side to recover the control.

Here is the log, as you can see the FC want to rotate, but there is no movement.

Here is my PID, may be Im overshooting something?

Here is the complete Log

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The drone was unable to match your command:

This is because your drone has a severe left-yaw bias:

The flight controller is constantly commanding a 20% effort right yaw in order to maintain heading. The rate outputs should be centered around 0 in a stable hover without wind.

This is also visible in your motor output balance:

For yaw, a 20% bias is pretty severe. This is almost always caused by a motor arm or motor mount being twisted.


Thanks! I really appreciate your help! I will check the log again with on rate and figure it out what its going on!

Like I said, it is probably a twisted motor arm. Make sure all of your motors are level.

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I will, seems to be very level, but I will measure with a level instrument.

Hi, In fact I have found some motors with 1 or 2 degrees error. Here is the new log.

I think Its ok know, now the Yaw is no dumb now…ehehe

What do you think @Anubis?


Yeah, much better.

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