Vibration issues


  • Quadcopter
  • T-Motor MN501S with ALPHA40 LV ESC
  • Cube black with AC4.0.3

Flewn this copter last year several hours without any problem. Now I will prepare this copter for the new agricultural season and have a strange issue - copter is jumping in the air after several seconds. The log tell me very high vibrations but all mechanical things are well. It seems for me that one propulsion set (motor + esc) causes the problem but i can’t detect, which one it is. Can someone help me please and have a look at the log and have some hints what the problem is?
Btw: also have changed the Cube to a new one - same issue

The log shows the descriped behavior twice at the end of the flight. Also had the feeling that he copter is yawing to the left for a short time before/during the issue.

X4-2.bin (1.2 MB)

You have to tune your copter. Desired versus actual pitch and roll are not even close. A copter detuned this much can do anything. If you flown it last year tit means that you updated the fc to 4.0.3 since then.
I recommend to do a complete tune based on the guide.