Video Stream Forwarding

How can I use the video stream forwarding over Android hotspot link?

Join the hotspot with a laptop and you can use VLC to link to the stream (enter the address shown on the herelink general settings page). VLC android does not work but there are other apps that you can view rtsp streams.

Awesome! Managed to get a stream working on my laptop with VLC.

Problem now is how do I get the remote connected to the internet so I can download maps?! I can’t find Bluetooth so can I USB tether it (if I can find a micro USB to USB C cable)?

Got a stream via VLC - working fine. But there is a latency up to 1,5sec - not applicable for the most of my applications. Waiting for another solution without latency. Is there something planned?

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I did notice a lot of latency in mine. Will be trying it out next week but I agree, might prove problematic in the field.

To download the maps you should be connected to 5ghz wifi

Yes, but can it receive a wifi signal AND be a hotspot at the same time?

No but if you download maps you can then change back to hotspot I have 10 or more maps download in the download map tab of qgc