Where would I change vectored thrust mixing in the source code?

Im building a 2 meter flying wing VTOL (tricopter tiltrotor) where all 3 motors tilt as follows;
in MC mode - front 2 motors for yaw & pitch - aft motor for pitch control
in FW mode - front 2 motors for roll & pitch - aft motor for thrust only

I could use some help on what files in the source code that I would need to alter to accomplish this.

here is a link on YouTube showing a guy that has coded this (and has not released working firmware) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMh8BiOLrns

he has a QQ group in China but I can not join it (I think I need to use We-Chat). If anyone can please let me know.

Here are the related links:

Dropbox link with all of his builds and docs. It is being updated but is not well organized

His documentation & his “QQGroup” in China that “Kris” said helped develop this flight model

A store that is selling parts for the build. No replies from my emails.

But if anyone knows what files I would need to look at in the source code please let me know



We are trying to get one of our guys to join the group

Docs and firmware would be awesome

Updated original post… thanks Philip

A few issues in the build documents for it, but quite cool!

Cube Orange is cube orange… not FMUv5

Development of the FMUv anything with our original team finished at V3. We use cube colours now not unaligned numbers… it was silly… Pixhawk 1 was fmu2, Pixhawk 2 was fmuv3, Etc…

is the Cube Orange 400Mhz?

It’s currently set to 400, but will be 480

The processor is nothing to do with “FMUvX”

Our firmware’s are on the build server as CubeOrange

FMUv5 is a totally different hardware specification, nothing to do with the cube family, and totally incompatible with the cube family.

OK thanks Philip… that explains a lot. Im going to try Kris’s firmware on my pixhawk2 and see if I get the bizzare behavior that my cube got.

We are making contact with Kris.

Really? that’s great!

Any luck with contacting Kris?