Why Herelink Beta 2 not availabe for sale in Australia

Ben & Philip,

Why there is no supply of Herelink Beta 2 version for sale in Australia? It is available for sale in UK, USA and China but not in Australia, why? Please do not tell me Australia is a small market hence it is not viable.

RFDesign in Brisbane have them available.

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Bask Aerospace also has them

Why would we say that? Australia is at the Center of the drone industry world wide! I’m in Australia… and it has always been available in australia. XM2 also stock them, JSL drones… lots of options…

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Philip, Paradise33

Thank you to both for getting back to me. I will be contacting these sellers and will purchase the unit.

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Philip & Paradise33,

I did purchase my Herelink Beta 2 from RFDesign, and they were very helpful thank you. On that note I have contacted others you have mentioned Philip, and most of them do not have stock.

I notice the Beta 2 comes with the manual. Thanks to you both.