Y6b vibeclip2 fast sample imu3 4.0.3

Hello Everyone,

i have experienced and issue with my y6b while use sb2 parameter

Setup is y6b here2 can mode tmotor 3508 blhely esc 14x14.8 prop cubeblack

attached the two short log

the first use use
INS_USE == 1
INS_USE2 == 1
INS_USE3 == 1
vibeclip2 are present
vibe2clip.bin (2.2 MB)
The second one

INS_USE == 1
INS_USE2 == 1
INS_USE3 == 0
vibeclip2 are not present
no-clip.bin (1.8 MB)
Why is clip on third IMU ?
The drone seems to be better tuned and need only COMPASS_MOT
attached also a frame photo

@philip please take a look if need FFT or sb2 params ?
@Julien is the frame that we talk today
Thanks to all that for the help

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IMU3 is the “truth IMU” it is not isolated

So this is all good and normal

Thanks @philip for you reply
is safe to use second config or not recommended ?

Not recommended. It’s hiding real data. Hiding issues doesn’t make them go away