Can I set up an App to start automatically?

When I turn Herelink on I want that QR app starts automatically? Is it possible to set it up?

You may try to install some autostart manager App like on any other Android devices.

I can’t find an autostart manager App which works. Has anyone found one?

Maybe this one?

Auto start manager works. The other one was not possible to install. Now I am only missing video to start in fullscreen.

You mean having the video in fullscreen in QGC? I think it follows the latest setting you made. If you have double tapped the left-bottom corner to make the video on bigger screen (swap with map), it will stay same when you open the app next time.

No I mean if you double tap on center of video. Then you have fullscreen video with no overlay. When I start QGC next time it doesn’t remember settings.

I don’t think you could set the fullscreen as default.
You can’t enter fullscreen until the telemetry finished initializing. It always takes time for autopilot datalink initializing after the QGC is opened.

That would be a wish for the next update.

if you manually set QGC it works.

What do you mean with manually set up QGC?