Custom Application

I want to install a custom app on the device and call ‘A, B, C, D’ in the app to send content. Does this product open the button port? Where can I find it?

@Liu-maker787 Were you able to do this?
As I am also trying to make a custom mission control software, I am finding it difficult to access the hardware.
Also can you tell which library are you using to access the buttons. I am trying to use SDL

these buttons are considered standard android buttons. ie set a event listener on a keydown/keyup, and you will get the keycode you can use for monitoring

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Thanks @Michael_Oborne,
I am trying to create application in which I need the joysticks. But somehow SDL is returning 0 joysticks.
What might be the reason and what can I do to achieve this?

these are also standard gamepads as per android. ie try a android joystick app, and they will show. so the issue lies with how SDL sees them

Thanks @Michael_Oborne. I appreciate your help.

Making a custom QGC like application is the link to my querry.
Quick summary:
I am trying to build a custom mission control application using QtAndroid(Qt5.15.0) and SDL(for controller) which as per our requirement needs to be deployed on herelink.

Also I have tried the Gamepad Tester application which is also not able to recognize the controller.
Can you please elaborate as to how SDL might be behaving and how can I get it to work or are there any settings I will have to do in the herelink to access the hardware.