HereLink Real World Range Test

Re position the antennas and see how you get on then.

When I did the 15km test it was done is such as way to demo what was possible, it was not inflight as that would have been illegal over here but the over water test was a good representation of what was possible based on the spect in ideal condition.

However it should always be stated that radio range is massively down to your specific location and the local RF noise and floor where you are.

In urban range can be reduced dramatically in some cases, out in the open areas or can be much better though.

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Last comment on safety…

Let’s keep the safety discussion on that thread.

Not going to disagree with you really. Understood.

But I will still be interested in the range improvement with repositioned antennas if we ever get to see the results of that test.

Gatwick was IMHO not entirely fake news though. Did you see that MOD contractors signed a lot of deals with most UK airports for anti-drone equipment after this debacle and the police seemed to think it was an inside job.

There is no evidence of a drone.
You are correct that it is believed to be an inside job.
A major systems malfunction occurred at the same time, and a major sale was being negotiated. Lots of means and motive… but no drones.

Not one of those CUAS systems sold in this mass hysteria can detect an auto mission on ardupilot with comms turned off. It’s mass snake oil sales. Fear is an amazing weapon in sales.


So… what’s the real world range estimate for the HereLink ?

I’ve had a colleague of mine coming back a little disappointed from a test. 200m agl, over sunflower fields and lost video about 1Km away.
I’ve also been baffled by the size of the antennae, and opened one of the plastic cases to reveal the Taoglas printed PCB dipole inside, with alot of useless surface. I’ll study it a little more, but it doesn’t look engineered for builds where size and weight matter.

You are welcome to use whatever antennae that suits your build.

Range assumes that the antenna has been set up as per the manual

I found that in the summer radio range is about 1/5 of what I get in the winter.
Humidity, trees, 3 meter tall sunflowers all can reduce your range drastically. Antenna orientation is important but it won’t make RF pass through humidity or organic material.