Herelink RF power outputs

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Can you please tell me what is the power output of the Herelink for each region (FCC, Europe, Japan, …)
A client need to provide this information for government service that might use Herelinks.

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For FCC, you can check this

Thank you @Alvin .
Our problem is that it seems we are not based with the same grid of values.

Below the max radiated power values authorised in France (i think it is the same for all Europe) :
2.4ghz : 100mW
5.8ghz : 25mW
433MHz : 10mW

Regarding your answer on the other topic for the air unit, 0.6776W are 677,6mW, so 6 times higher than the max power we are allowed to use.

I would be please to get the radiated power (in mW) for all selectable regions

I would like to know too the radiated power (PIRE) in mW with the differents compliances.
My company is an UAVs manufacturer.
Thank you

The power outputs by region are :

  • USA : 23dB = 200mW
  • Europe : 20dB = 100mW
  • China : 20dB = 100mW
  • Japan : 20dB = 100mW
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