Orange Cube - Kore Carrier - Batt Voltage and Current Monitoring

I have a new Mission planner install (Mission Planner - v1.3.75.1 AND Arducopter v4.2.0 - Dev). I have config->planner->layout set to advanced. I am using a Orange Cube with Kore carrier board. I wanted to setup voltage and current monitoring. If I go to the Kore webage it gives specific parameters to set to do voltage and current measurements.

This is nice, but I don’t have those parameters listed in my mission planner. Is there something I need to do to get these parameters listed?

Have you enables the battery monitor via the battery monitor page? These params will only show up once the sensor has been enabled.

@manavgandhi17 looks like it. I also need to do a reboot, and now I see the variables.

Additionally, I had a negative current reading and followed @doug instructions to correct this and I am getting decent current numbers.