Two telemetry systems interfering with eachother


I am using two telemetry systems for an autonomous boat project:
-Herelink system for RC and Video
-433 Mhz telemtry system from Drotek (Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz) to connect to a laptop onshore

When I only run the 433 Mhz telemetry alone (disconnect the Herelink) I get a good connection for with a good distance.
When I use both telemetry systems, the connection of the 433 Mhz breaks after 5 meters of distance.

Does anybody have any tips on how to have a reliable system so I can run the boat from a remote control and/or from a Laptop?

I have looked at the RFD868x-EU Modem Bundle (, could this be a good substitute for the 433 Mhz system? And am I allowed to use this in Europe?

I had many problems with SIK 433 Mhz radios. I think they are also illegal in Europe. Now I am testing RFD868x and ux modems and generally they are much better. Recently I found that they are interfering with my T-motor 80A Flame Escs when they are to close to them they need also separate power from 5v ubec.

Hello Norimbo. Thank you for your reply. I need both systems, but if you are having more luck with the RFD868 maybe I should replace that for the Drotek 433 Mhz. Do you have two telemetry systems? Do you have experience with Herelink and RFD868x?

No I have only experience with RFD868x and SIK 433 Mhz I don’t have Herelink. I think Drotek 433 is a standard SIK 433 Mhz so you will have the same problems.

Maybe I should try to use the RFD868x with the Herelink system to see if the interference is removed. I dont know if it helps if the two systems has some distance between them? But then one of the GPS cables will have longer length to it.

Hi Thomas, is the Herelink system also operating at 433Mhz by chance? I’m not familiar with the Herelink but if it is then having two radio systems using the same frequency band close to each other will interfere.
Also, I’m working on an autonomous boat project myself, I’d love to hear about what you are up to. My email address is

I think Herelink operating on 2,4 Ghz

I’m curious about what actually happened when you use both telemetry
The Herelink is using 2.4GHz ISM. It may be interfering with wifi but shouldn’t be interfering with any telemetry you mentioned above.
I guess it should be other issue?

I think it could be that the 2 433MHz telemetry are seated with the same ID. this happened to us when we tried to fly with 2 drones in the same time. check the IDs of the telemetry.


Hi alvin,

You all keep mentioning how we absolutely cannot use an RC remote to control our drone along with the herelink separately for video transmission to ground (at the same time). I understand where you are coming from, as both use 2.4ghz. However, I feel it is necessary to mention that I have used my spektrum Dx10t (old, I know, but very versatile) for control with my ar7700 (only spektrum receiver with PPM capability) plugged into my cube, with the herelink turned on so I can see the video from my camera. I tested this at over 60 meters and found instant responses from my drone. Users are claiming that if you use an external remote that is not the herelink ground station then you will not even get more than 15 meters. I dont know all the science behind the wavelengths and frequencies, but I think that this could possibly be because the herelink uses 2.4 ISM while spektrum uses 2.4 DSMX?

I think I shall answer the question here

and please reply your further idea there, so as not to discuss in multiple posts repeatedly and separately.