2 air units connected to 2 controllers on 1 drone


In my drone setup, I have 2 Herelink controllers, the first one paired to an air unit to control the drone and the second one paired to a second air unit to control the gimbal with a thermal camera.

At the moment, I can only use the 1st air unit to control the drone. I have searched the internet and this forum for a guide on how to control the gimbal with the second air unit without luck.
Could you please explain how to setup the second herelink to control a gimbal with the stics?

Thank you!

first, you can do this with one air unit, and two controllers.

second, you can map whatever sticks you want to whatever channels you want via the settings app

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Dear Philip, thanks for your reply. My problem was that after setting the channels through the camera app (viewlink), I did not have video feed on the 2nd Herelink on qgroundcontrol. However, with SolexTX I was able to connect to the camera and now everything works as it should.

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