2 HereLink Air unit on the same Drone?

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Can I install 2 HL on 1 drone (2 air units, 2 remote)? I ask this because may be cant work 2 airunits together. Or may be, can I link 2 remotes to 1 HL air unit?

The Idea of the second remote is to control the cameras


why not use a cheaper radio to control the payload? you could set up any number of flysky, jumper, orangerx, futaba, etc receivers on the gimbal to control just that and then pull the video stream from the Herelink transmitter for the gimbal operator?

i have some other ideas too but that one would probably be easy to implement for you if you have another transmitter and receiver laying around.

Oke a have same problem a ussing the here link for a wile now and Its always the same problem of using the payload over the same link we can built up to sbus output of 16 channels but cant controle them with 1 grond unit. And for controlling the payload with a other brand controller gives problems with the down link. They are interfering. So not a good idee if you want to stay in 2.4ghz. I wood like to see a solution of connecting to ground units like a master and slave or a trainer setup.

At the moment we are ussing the here link to controle the gimbal and use the jumper t16 with jr module at 900mhz to controle the drone the telemetry frome the drone go over tele 1 to smart port reciever 900mhz and display in a script on jumper t16. And tele2 frome drone go to herelink air unit to controle the way point and …

Hi @genera_lee, because I need the video and the remote, the HL solution is more “elegant” for the customer, similar to DJI with the master/slave remotes.

Beside, the simplicity of the HL airunit to plug de video and remote in just 1 device is very helpful to assemble the electronics.

Yes you can run two on the same drone.

Ensure the first is paired and powered up, then re-pair the second so it sets up in a better part of the spectrum



Last question, in the HL unit on the channels definitions I can see a SEcond Remote configuration, it seems to be we can use 2 remote with 1 airunit. It can be done now or is for the future?


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Any update on 2 transmitters to 1 air unit?


Not yet, we are still working on it.

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I’m also interested in pairing 2 transmitters to 1 air unit, is this possible or in the list of features for the future?

Hi Philip.
If we are using one HL to transmit the FPV camera feed and control the drone and the second HL for the gimbal and payload control, which HL should we pair first? To clarify, this is with 2 transmitters and 2 air units.

Hi Kyle

I understand you can not do that yet… may be the next HL release.


it does not matter which you pair first but it is important that the unit which was paired first ist powered in while you pair the second unit. Then the second unit automatically selects a frequency range which does not interfere with those of the first unit.

Thank you.

If you have 2 air units, sure you can do it. I have a drone like that, 2 HL and 2 air unit, one to remote the drone, one to remote the camera, works like a charm.