2nd camera feed via Raspberry Pi

I understand that a 2nd camera cannot steam video simultaneously along with the 1st camera at this current time (I’m praying to the Herelink Gods for that firmware update). Has anyone experimented with running camera1 via herelink and camera2 via Raspberry Pi? My company wants a dual camera feed so trying to brainstorm a workaround to get two simultaneous camera feeds to a ground station that has two monitors.

Do you mean streaming 2nd video via pi through any other mean of communication?

Yep! Kind of imagining hooking up a camera and video transmitter to the Pi purely as a workaround to herelink not being able to simultaneously broading casting 2 cameras. I’m just not familiar with all the tech out there so kind of probing your guys knowledge :slight_smile:

In this case you can do this without Herelink. There are many ways to broadcast video from pi to other devices such as wifi/bluetooth/telemetry/etc.
You can google it.