3 axis gimbal setup with herelink

I purchased the new version in june, i want to setup a gimbal with 3 axis with the herelink as well as RC controls. Is it possible to map the buttons or the top buttons for this? has anyone tried it before?

Connect via your cube for best gimbal behaviour

yeah i’m using a cube but can i use the buttons as gimbal controlling buttons to increase pwm and also decrease like the scroll button with long press and short presses?

The scroll wheel can not be pressed, it just push left and right.
After updating your ground and air unit with the latest firmware, you must calibrate joysticks and scroll wheel into the hardware calibration menu : https://docs.cubepilot.org/user-guides/herelink/one-time-setup

Then you would be able to define functions to the buttons from the “Q” >> “BUTTONS” menu of QGC.
The scroll wheel allows you to control a gimbal that have an ‘angle mode’. It also works with a standard PWM signal, but unfortunately the pitch would follow the scroll movement, and will goes back to neutral when you will release the scroll.

can i use buttons to control pitch or yaw if i map the buttons to pitch and yaw of the camera?

Yes, but button can only provide 2 positions (short press and long press)
So you can define 2 positions for the gimbal

Its true, the beta is very limited when it comes to camera control. Im hoping when the solex version is released there may be more on-screen sliders and camera control features.

One of my clients ping me to tell that he made a little circuit that convert the scroll wheel inputs in angle.
So it would allows to use the HereLink scroll wheel with any gimbal.

Stay tuned !


I have been following as I believe I have a similar setup and problem with the current limitations. A naive question I have is: Can the same SBUS cable be connected to both the fc and gimbal where I am using different channels, e.g., 11-16 to control the gimbal?

Run it via the cube… plug s.bus out from cube to gimbal

Any update on this?

This feature, will be pushed directly into the Herelink firmware with the next big update. Stay tuned !

Currently If I purchase herelink then will I be able to connect the gimbal to herelink and set it up properly. I mean that, is there any update ?

If there is some update, then when it may come ?

Any update for three axis gimbal setup with herelink ?