3 Intel Edison modules to give away or sell

I have 3 Intel Edison modules to give away (if you need them, I also have the small development boards that go with them).

I know these have not been available since 2017, so I would not be surprised if everyone has given up on using them.

But as the old Pixhawk 2.1 carrier boards used to have an option to use the Edison as a companion computer, I thought there might still be people here who have a use for them.

I’m prepared to give them away - but you will need to cover postage. I am based in Switzerland so e.g. for shipping to the US that would be ~$20 (for standard shipping). For the UK ~£10 and for Switzerland about Fr. 3. Add in about $10 for packaging and you have a total price.

I would like to get rid of all 3 to a single person. I will declare them on any packaging as having a total value of $30, i.e. $10 each, as I find it simpler to give things a value than having to explain to the postal service why they are declared as $0.

If multiple people want them then I’ll ask for a one-off bid from the people involved and then choose as I see fit (e.g. if you’re based in Zurich, Switzerland and say you’ll show me what you’re working on then I’d probably accept that over a monetary bid).

The Edison was a super little device but there is no point in me hanging onto the three I have for use in anything new, considering that Intel is no longer producing them. But it also seems a shame to just throw them away.

If no one here on this forum wants them, please do suggest any other forum that comes to mind that you think might have people interested in them.

As you can see, in the photos, one of the dev boards has header soldered on to the complete block of holes on the board’s underside, while the other two have 3x2 blocks of header soldered on. If you just need the modules themselves, this obviously isn’t an issue - I’m just pointing it out.

I want them, what will be the cost to israel for all three?

I would take them all let me know willing to pay 10 per for them let me know.

Thanks for people’s interest in these modules. I’m sending them out to one of the people who contacted me. Apologies to the other respondents. I see that Edison modules are still fairly readily available on eBay for around ~US30 so if you need one or more modules, I hope you can find something suitable there.