4.0 is out! Cube Orange is no longer in Beta!


Might be orange cube time…

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Hi, I would like to know about Complex Fence support (aka stay-out zones) feature? Does this mean that we can add complex fencing for our flights or it means that we have some flying restricted areas like airport, etc?
Yasir Khizar

It’s 100% up to you how you set it up.

You are 100% responsible for obeying your countries rules


To add a bit more, Copter-4.0 (and Rover-4.0) include the ability to setup multiple polygon and circular stay-in and stay-out zones. Both MP and QGC allow setting up these zones and once setup the vehicles will stop at the fence in Loiter mode, in Auto mode the vehicle will try and fly around them (using Dijkstra’s algorithm) and if the vehicle ever does get into one of the stay-out or stay-in zones then fence failsafe will be triggered.

There is still a little more work we need to do in this area:

  • MP’s fence setup screens need a bit more work
  • Dijkstra’s has a couple of issues, the most important being that it doesn’t try to get out of a stay-out zones if it’s started from within

I have purchased two Orange Cube previously tagged as “CubePilot CubeBeta Tester”.
Do you mean to say that after upgrading AC4.0.0 these Cubes are no longer in beta Right?

So i can remove the beta sticker??

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Basically yes. The hardware was already there for the units.

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